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25 March 2020

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Opportunities abound

JCU student Dennae Smith recently visited New York’s Wall Street with an international short study program.

Dennae was inspired to look for a short study program by a fellow student who was speaking about their own experience in Norway.

As a financial management student, Dennae chose to go to New York City, the finance capital of the world. “It was a big eye-opener for me, as you can often feel confined to the boundaries of Townsville, or even Cairns for example, and not realise how much opportunity is available out there,” Dennae says.

Studying with a former VP of JP Morgan

She found that her short study stay in New York was a unique experience.

“The Professor was a former Vice President of JP Morgan, so I really got a practical view of what’s involved in a career in investment banking and the corporate world. It was also interesting to compare how Australia and America differ in how they do business.”

It wasn’t all coursework, though. “We spent only a third of the three weeks completing coursework and field trips, and that gave us a lot of free time to explore the city and experience its culture.”

When asked about the highlights of her trip, Dennae mentions her stroll over the historic Brooklyn Bridge that connects the suburbs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. “That was probably the biggest highlight for me, Brooklyn Bridge. Beautiful.”

Friendships for life

Dennae was one of eight students in this three-week program. The other participants were from Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. Going through an experience like this helped her to form friendships that will last for life.

Short study programs with JCU Global Experience

Dennae organised her study tour with AIM Overseas, however she recommends to get in contact with the JCU Global Experience team who can help students connect with a number of suitable opportunities.

As to the financing side of her overseas stay, Dennae confirms that it was quite easy for her. Even though she had to pay for this course herself, she was able to put the amount onto her HECS account.

For international destinations outside of Asia, the Australian Government OS-HELP offers a loan of $6,913 (2020 numbers), which is the maximum one can borrow for a six-month study period. The amount is a bit higher ($8,295) for students who study in Asia, plus an additional $1,104 if the student completes an Asian language study program in preparation for study in Asia.

There also may be scholarship opportunities available to support JCU students studying abroad.

In the end, Dennae says, an international short study program shapes you as a person. “For me, I definitely developed an international mindset and global perspective.”

Why international experience with JCU matters

If you are a JCU student, and you are interested in studying overseas for credit towards your JCU degree, get in touch with JCU Global Experience who can assist you in finding a program that will be interesting and useful for you and your career.

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