Covid-19: Episode 6 - COVID-19: Ask the Experts

Key Information


12th May 2020






Insight and Discussion

Join our panel of experts as we answer your questions about SARS-Cov-2/COVID-19 based on the latest clinical experience, emerging evidence and research. We examine a range of topics and revisit unanswered questions from the series, including RNA viruses for Dummies, Exit Strategies and Mental Health
during COVID-19.

Our experts took questions in advance and during the webinar covering off a range of topics including:

  • The presentation and management of severe COVID respiratory disease and the value of pulse oximeters as part of the home first aid kit.
  • The non -respiratory manifestations and prognostic markers of COVID-19
  • The management of pregnant patients and neonates amid COVID-19
  • Antibody testing and vaccine development
  • Mental health impacts of the pandemic and the looming economic recession

Featured panellists:

  • Professor John McBride, Infectious Diseases Physician and Clinical Microbiologist, Cairns Hospital and Professor in Medicine, James Cook University
  • Professor Brett McDermott, Professor in Psychiatry, JCU College of Medicine and Dentistry, Beyondblue spokesperson for disaster mental health
  • Dr Robert Norton, Director of Microbiology at Townsville University Hospital
  • Dr Diana Rojas Alvarez, lecturer of Communicable Disease Control in the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine, James Cook University and a member of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Vector-borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases at James Cook University
  • Dr David Watson, Director of Maternal Foetal Medicine, Townsville University Hospital and Adjunct Senior Lecturer, JCU College of Medicine and Dentistry