Finding Balance at the Edge of Chaos

Key Information


8th October 2020






Professional and Career Development

What are the pressures that push teams towards the accident zone? What are the resilience traits that keep us at the ‘edge of chaos’? What does this mean for the development of skills and intelligence in complex work environments?

In complex organisations, hovering around this edge of chaos is all about equilibrium. Too much tension or stress and we can be pushed into the ‘accident zone’ where we lose control over the outcomes of our work. Not enough tension and we can quickly disengage. This session will take participants on a fast-paced journey through some of the latest thinking on resilience, chaos, complexity, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

Hear from JCU experts, Ben Freedman and Claire Holland, as they speak about how we can optimise our work and engage our best thinking when we are working in the space between order and chaos.

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