Not all Superheroes wear Stethoscopes

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22nd October 2020






Future students, Teachers and Supporters

After having her heart set on becoming a doctor, Hayley’s dreams were dashed when she was in a serious car crash in her late teens. With her rehabilitation experience making her even more determined to learn how the human body works, Hayley continued to chase her passion for medicine through studying
science at JCU, majoring in physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

But it was finding the right mentor that gave her the opportunity to work on breakthrough medical research in the area of emergency medicine, developing a new drug combination that is helping first-responders to save lives from trauma-related blood loss.

Hear how Hayley overcame the many obstacles she faced on her ‘Plan B’ career journey, and how she is inspiring the next generation of doctors to engage with, and contribute to, the many research breakthroughs that are needed for medicine to progress into the future.