Book Preview Webinar: The Secret of Emu Field

Key Information


12th December 2021







Insight and Discussion

Atomic testing in Australia during the 1950s has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy for decades, but JCU Associate Professor Liz Tynan is blowing the history open with her latest book, The Secret of Emu Field: Britain’s Forgotten Atomic Tests in Australia. In this webinar, Liz shares the stories of the Operation Totem atomic tests in 1953 and their lingering effects on the people, the landscape, and the wildlife at Emu Field in South Australia.

An award-winning author and academic, Liz previously wrote Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story, for which she won the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Australian History and the CHASS Book Prize in 2017. She is also the Co-ordinator of the Professional Development Program for the JCU Graduate Research School. Liz draws on her extensive experience as a science journalist and researcher to bring light in this webinar to the forgotten fate of Emu Field, long after the mushroom clouds dispersed.