How to tackle conflict in the workplace

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21st January 2021







Professional and Career Development

Take control of your business and save your organisation time, energy and money by turning conflict into opportunity.

Conflict management and resolution skills are essential in supporting innovation and creating highly engaged and productive workforces. With organisations now operating in an environment of unprecedented complexity with globalisation, sustainability, technological advancement, automation and increased workplace diversity all key influencing factors, this is a webinar which you can’t afford to miss.

Join the JCU Conflict Management and Resolution team for a panel discussion with conflict management practitioners, leaders, and managers on how conflict management skills, knowledge, and practice can contribute to tackling workplace challenges.

Featured Panellist:

  • Claire Holland - Senior Lecturer and Director of the Conflict Management and Resolution Program, JCU College of Business, Law & Governance
  • Peter Raffles - Principal, Conflict Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Tina Hoyer - Senior Lawyer, Australian Taxation Office