What does art have to do with climate change?

Key Information


29th April 2021







Insight and Discussion

How can art, rubbish and climate change be linked? Find out how they are coming together to shine a light on some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

JCU’s Associate Professor Robyn Glade-Wright is using art as a medium to draw attention to important messages in relation to our changing world. Robyn is a practising contemporary artist and arts educator with over 40 solo exhibitions in public and private galleries. In this webinar, Robyn will present a range of her artworks in order to discuss climate change and environmental pollution.

The works of art were created primarily from discarded materials washed up on Australia’s beaches. Materials include cigarette lighters, floats, children’s toys, plastic tops and rope. Experience how art can encourage us to reflect on our place in the environment and prompt us into action to stop the tide of plastics from polluting the environment and the food we eat.