Courses at JCU Brisbane Pathways UpGrad and JCU Brisbane Partnership

UpGrad and JCU Brisbane Partnership

Study a Bachelor's Degree in blended mode:
1 year online followed by
2 years on-campus at JCU Brisbane

UpGrad is an online education provider that helps individuals to develop their professional potential in the most engaging learning environment.

Online education is engaging, flexible, and has a far-reaching impact. At UpGrad, we believe online learning is the future of education, and we are working towards transforming the online education wave into a tsunami! We are taking a full-stack approach of leveraging content, technology, marketing and services to offer quality education and an industry-relevant program in partnership with universities abroad.

Through our partnership with JCUB, students have the opportunity to study part of their program in India before transferring to Australia to complete their degree abroad. This program not only allows students to study flexibly at an affordable price, but it also provides graduates with the chance to work in Australia through post-study work visas.

Accredited with NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council - India) A+ in the first cycle itself, Chandigarh University is an institution committed to excellence in research, innovation, multi-disciplinary education and active promotion of promising young talent. The National Institutional Ranking Framework ranked Chandigarh University 84 in the engineering category and 51 in the management category, as per the rankings released in June 2020.


Bachelor of Business Administration - 1st Year

Online in India

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Student receives conditional offer letter from partner universities


Student successfully completes the 1st year of a Bachelor of Business Administration and shares the transcript with partner universities


Student meets all conditions and receives a confirmed offer letter from partner university


Student transfers to study their 2nd and 3rd year of their Bachelor’s Degree in Australia

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