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What is Event Management?

Event management is the design, planning, implementation and assessment of gatherings, usually for a particular purpose. It draws heavily on the principles of project management, where organisation is key.

While event management may sound straightforward – who doesn’t know how to plan a party? – in reality it is a fast paced and dynamic career that requires a diverse range of knowledge and skills.

The term ‘event’ is extremely broad. An event can incorporate anything from a small client tour through to a conference for hundreds of thousands. It could be open to the public, require ticketing or involve exclusive access. Event management requires you to organise all of these, and more. Event managers are skilled in implementing their clients’ unique visions in a variety of settings, for multiple purposes.

The success of an event can be vital to a company’s success and continued growth.

Events can be used to woo new clients, market an organisation to the public or provide part of a company’s core function in a new or dynamic fashion. Thus, event management plays an important role in the corporate sphere.

Event management is not just for the corporate world. Local, state and national governments also use events to engage with their voter base and better understand the needs of the community. Event management can involve the organisation of public talks, political debates or community celebrations such as New Years Eve and Australia Day.

Increasingly, event management has taken over the digital sphere too. As online engagement grows, governments and corporations are exploring new ways of engaging with their customer base online. The creation and management of online events is a growing field and one with numerous opportunities for tech-savvy event managers.

Event management is not your average 9-5 job. You may find yourself working early mornings or late into the night, depending on the types of events you plan. Those who choose this career path enjoy the excitement of the ever-changing role and relish the opportunity to create interesting events in diverse locations. For event managers, every day is different, and no single event is ever the same.

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What does an event manager do?

The organisation of events, whether large or small, is no mean feat. Event managers control every stage of an event process. This ranges from initial suggestions of event type and scope, all the way through to coordinating pack up and cleaning at the end of an event.

Event management requires highly developed interpersonal skills, as you are required to engage with a variety of individuals every day. From negotiating event space, to overseeing function staff and engaging with attendees, you will have the opportunity to meet many new and exciting people.

When you work as an event manager, you begin by liaising with your client to design the key elements of the event. You will be skilled at interpreting client briefs and ideas and turning them into reality. Event managers balance the requests of the client with what they can reasonably implement, working to keep all stakeholders happy.

Event managers are required to oversee all vendors associated with the event, becoming a conduit to negotiate budgets, design and delivery. It is also an event manager’s responsibility to ensure all legal requirements for an event are being followed. These could involve adhering to health and safety requirements, enforcing capacity limits and ensuring the responsible provision of alcohol.

Your problem-solving skills will come to the fore on event days. Here, you will juggle several demands at once, as you ensure every element of the event – from catering to cleaning – runs smoothly, on time and to budget. Event managers anticipate issues and are prepared with solutions quickly, to ensure minimal fuss and a successful event for their client.

What jobs are there in event management?

Event management equips you with the organisational and problem-solving skills to work in a variety of industries. Most graduates go on to work directly as event managers, whether for large corporations, small businesses or themselves.

Studying event management at JCU provides you with the skills to organise small, medium and large functions, including conferences, expos and more. You’ll have a broad understanding of the legal requirements of staging events and be up-to-date on workplace health and safety requirements.

Your JCU degree could take you across Australia, or around the world. You’ll learn to manage events in a variety of locations, giving you expert knowledge of management and planning within tourist destinations.

With a JCU Bachelor of Business, majoring in Sports and Event Management, you’ll find opportunities to work as the following:

  • Event manager
  • Event planner
  • Event coordinator
  • Marketing and events manager
  • Event and set designer
  • Public relations coordinator
  • Director of events.

Why study Event Management at JCU?

Successful events management requires you to have a broad skills base and a wide variety of industry-relevant knowledge. A JCU Bachelor of Business will empower you to develop this expertise. JCU’s focus on practical learning means you will have numerous opportunities to learn on the job and upskill faster.

JCU Event Management students learn project management skills from the beginning of their degree. They are adaptable and skilled in working to a variety of briefs. Your creativity will shine through, both in the scope of events you design and your response to unexpected problems. You’ll develop mastery in experience design, ensuring that your clients receive a stellar event.

Cultivate your skills in assessing and responding to employer needs promptly and within budget. You will become comfortable working with a variety of employers, from governments to businesses and individuals. Events of all kinds are central to local, national and international economies and tourism, meaning you will be highly employable in these fast-paced industries experiencing strong global growth. JCU students also understand the power of events to bring a community together and provide unforgettable experiences.

When you study Sports and Event Management through a Bachelor of Business at JCU, you’ll benefit from the industry experience of your lecturers, who have the background to assist you in engaging with real-world scenarios. JCU’s partnerships with employers will provide you with a ready-built networks, which may lead to paid work experience.

Just like an event manager, our Event Management courses are flexible and adaptable. You can choose to study on campus, online or a mix of the two. JCU ensures that you can learn and work anywhere, giving you more scope for diverse experiences.

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