Future Students Where To Study Psychology

Where To Study Psychology in Queensland

A psychology degree course offers a fascinating look into the human mind and the interplay of biology, culture, family, and concepts of self. With a degree in psychology, you show employers you have a good understanding of human behaviour and how to facilitate communication, opening up an array of possible degree paths. But how do you choose where to study psychology in Queensland?

While the study of psychology is fascinating, you also need to be sure of a job at the end of your path. This means accreditation and further study (if you want to become a psychologist), professional networking opportunities, and experience are all important when you consider where to study psychology.

Accredited Degrees

The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council is an independent organisation that evaluates the quality and standards of any degree course for the psychology profession in Australia. They act under the authority of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 and work with educators to maintain the highest standards.

When you study psychology at James Cook University, you enter an accredited degree program which means that the course is approved by the most well-respected professionals in your chosen field. When you graduate, you'll have a highly-regarded credential in its own right, or you can continue on to an Honours degree and further studies to become a fully registered psychologist with continuing supervised practice.

Experience Has No Substitute

At JCU, your world-class education will include access to research and observation facilities, including an on-campus working psychology clinic. The JCU Psychology Clinic has been in operation since 1995, and there you'll take part in research that makes a difference, working alongside highly trained staff who care about student success.

Everyone you work with at the clinic is a qualified and experienced psychology professional registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, and is committed to helping you succeed in your preparation for a career. At the JCU Psychology Clinic, you will have the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, adults, and families, offering support and care for a variety of mental health issues, including depression, neurological conditions, interpersonal relationship difficulties, and assessment for childhood developmental disorders.

Grow Your Professional Network

As you gain practical experience, you will also grow your network of career connections, meeting with professionals, learning from leaders in the field, and building relationships with peers that will be important throughout your career. As you meet with others in the field of psychology, you'll gain insight into your future career path and have support for the professional choices you will need to make.

As important as practical experience is, without a strong foundation in the key subjects of Psychology, you can’t make the most of your hands-on experience. As you consider where to study psychology, consider JCU, where you'll access a robust core program and have the freedom to choose electives in line with your interests and career goals.

Understand the Human Mind

One of the most fascinating aspects of practicing psychology is seeing how the body and brain work together in synch, each affecting the other. We're only beginning to scratch the surface of this amazing connection, and at JCU you'll dive into how the nervous system, our general health, and the biology of our minds affect the way we perceive the world and act within it.

Even more fascinating is the connection between culture and the mind and how our family influences, community values, and even our social history influence how we see the world. Take advantage of JCU's connections among some of Australia's most marginalised peoples to gain a better understanding of the social contexts of behaviour and how society's values affect the individual's choices.

One of the best things about psychology is that it is not a solely theoretical science. It's not enough to learn about how different cultures influence individual and group behaviour and understandings of reality. A psychology professional must be able to use that intercultural perspective to bring groups together, overcoming barriers to mental health and enhancing cross-cultural communication for everyone.

The Application of Psychology

Psychology is eminently practical, and your studies at JCU will give you the chance to see how psychology is relevant to law, business, education, and to human development. As you learn, you'll grow your communication skills so you are ready to work with patients, peers, academics and laypeople to express your ideas and offer helpful interventions and advice.

Learn how psychology relates to the law and our criminal justice system and the part you could play as a forensic psychologist in protecting the community. From screening and evaluating law enforcement personnel, to advising the judiciary in diagnosing and treating the incarcerated, a forensic psychologist is an expert at navigating ethical issues and working towards equitable treatments for all.

Learn how the principles of psychology can apply in the workplace, helping managers with performance analysis and staff selection or enhancing teamwork through an understanding of organisational psychology. Equip yourself to provide valuable insights to employers and improve workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Assessing and Intervening

One of the key roles of a trained psychologist is identifying mental illness and dysfunction early and intervening in a way that improves lives and health outcomes for individuals and their families.

Master the key assessment techniques used by Australian psychologists and learn how to evaluate psychological test results. As you come to understand the ethical and cultural implications of the assessments we use and their strengths, as well as their limitations, you'll be prepared for whatever career path you choose. Whether you work in private clinics, community health clinics, in schools, in business, or among athletes, you'll be making a difference.

At JCU, you'll study an accredited degree course, building a strong foundation and using it to grow your skills as a psychology professional. With your degree, you'll be ready to work in private practice, in schools and counselling services, or with law courts and police and defence services. You could advise businesses, work in sport or occupational psychology, or go on to gain further training and professional accreditation as a fully registered psychologist. Contact JCU today to learn more about how we can help equip you for a meaningful career making a difference.