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Rick Speare Oration series

The Rick Speare Oration was established in 2022 as an annual lecture series by the College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences to honour the late Professor Rick Speare and his significant contributions to the field of One Health. Named after Professor Speare, these orations serve as a platform for invited scientific presentations focusing on One Health, which encompasses the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health.

Rick Speare holding a frog.

Professor Rick Speare was a distinguished Australian public health physician and veterinary surgeon who dedicated his career to researching and combating infectious diseases, particularly in the tropics. He possessed extensive knowledge and expertise in human parasitology, amphibian diseases, and the interface between human and animal health. As an esteemed teacher and director of the JCU School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Professor Speare played a vital role in training postgraduate health professionals and strengthening research capacity in local researchers.

The Rick Speare Orations aim to carry forward Professor Speare's legacy by highlighting the importance of One Health research and its impact on the health of people in tropical regions. By featuring renowned external speakers in the field of One Health research, these orations not only contribute to the recognition and reputation of James Cook University but also commemorate Professor Speare's significant role in establishing and enhancing the research mission of the College. Through these annual lectures, the orations seek to inspire further advancements in One Health research and promote interdisciplinary collaboration to address the complex health challenges faced by communities in the tropics.

Rick Speare Oration Lecture 2023

With Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty AC

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Rick Speare Oration Lecture 2022

With Emeritus Professor Ian Wronski AO, Chair, Tropical Australian Academic Health Centre

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