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Join experts from a number of fields as we explore topics ranging from preparing for university study, supporting wellbeing and student success for parents and teachers, how to prepare for a cyclone, to adapting to life with artificial intelligence and IoT.

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  • When you register to attend a JCU webinar you will receive an automated email which contains a link to join the meeting. If you don’t receive this email please check your spam folder

  • Some webinars invite questions to be posed to the presenter(s) in advance of the live session – this is a great way to ensure your questions are answered and that the presenter knows the themes the audience would like covered when creating the presentation

  • If you think the webinar would be of interest to friends, family or colleagues, please encourage them to register to attend too

Joining the webinar:

  • To ensure you don’t miss the beginning of the webinar and to avoid any potential log-in issues we suggest you join the webinar (via the link you received in the automated email) anytime from 15 minutes before the start time

  • Use of earphones or a headset may improve your webinar experience but are not a necessity

  • Audio is often muted on entry by the presenter so you don’t need to worry about making a noise (or background noise)

  • A webcam is not required to join or participate in a webinar

  • Moderated chat or a Q&A session is often available at the end of the webinar. If you have a question type it in the text window for consideration.

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