Doctor of Philosophy

Develop high level independent research skills while making an original contribution of knowledge.

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Students can commence research studies at any time throughout the year


Course fees are not applicable for Domestic students

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4 years full-time

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Real stories

  • Student of Doctor of Philosophy


    Naomi Clark-Shen

    Doctor of Philosophy

    Enrolling in JCU for my PhD was an obvious choice – the university is world-renowned for shark research. My research focuses on the biology, ecology and life-history of small coastal sharks and rays in Southeast Asia. I can’t imagine a more appropriate university to advance my career in shark conservation with.

  • Rishab Pillai  PhD Candidate

    International Student - India

    Rishab Pillai

    Doctor of Philosophy

    Undertaking a research degree can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. At JCU, the incredibly receptive and friendly staff offer support to ensure you are research-ready from day one. With training and professional development as part of your PhD, you are job-ready upon completion of your degree.

  • Studied Doctor of Philosophy, graduated from JCU in 2018 with a Master of Science, majoring in Marine Biology and Ecology

    International student - USA

    Madeline McKenzie

    Doctor of Philosophy. JCU alumni, 2018, Master of Science, majoring in Marine Biology and Ecology

    As an international student from the US, I’m used to large lecture sizes, which limits the amount of time you get to interact with your professor. The smaller lecture sizes at JCU enables you to learn from leading scientists on a first-name basis, which really adds to the overall learning experience.

  • Professor Sean Ulm teaches in Doctor of Philosophy


    Professor Sean Ulm

    Distinguished Professor Promotional Chair

    As a PhD candidate at JCU you are a co-researcher in a world class team finding solutions that make the world a better place. You will be challenged to think outside the box, solve complex problems, and collaborate with amazing people from diverse backgrounds across multiple disciplines.