Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Applications for 2021 JCU Research Scholarships have closed.

You can apply for 2022 JCU Research Scholarships from February 2021.

JCU Scholarships for Higher Degree by Research Candidates are awarded annually on a competitive basis to the top ranking applicants.

James Cook University (JCU) offers a range of competitive scholarships for domestic and international applicants. When you apply for a scholarship, you will be considered for all the scholarships for which you are eligible, starting from the scholarship with the highest value.

For more information on how your scholarship applications are ranked, or if you will be eligible, please see the 2021 Scholarship Scoring Procedure.

How to Apply

(Note: If you are already enrolled in or have already applied for the course you wish to have a scholarship for, please indicate that by email to

Scholarship list

Value: $42,000 pa in 2020 (living allowance paid fortnightly) + $10,000 one off for project expenses.

Duration: 3.5 years

Eligibility: Applicants who identify as Australian Indigenous and/or Torres Strait Islander

Value: $28,092 pa in 2020 (living allowance paid fortnightly) + Overseas Health Cover

Duration: 3.5 years

Eligibility: International Applicants*

Value: $28,092 pa in 2020 (living allowance paid fortnightly)

Duration: 3.5 years

Eligibility: Domestic Applicants*

Value: $28,092 pa in 2020 (living allowance paid fortnightly)

Duration: 3.5 years

Eligibility: All Applicants

Value: $28,092 pa in 2020 (living allowance paid fortnightly) + $5,000 pa as living allowance or project expenses

Duration: 4 years

Eligibility: All Applicants

All Scholarships include exemption from Tuition Fees for the duration of the scholarship.  Scholarships do not include the Student Services and Amenities Fee, relocation costs or health insurance unless otherwise specified.

*Domestic Applicants means Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents, and New Zealand Citizens. International Applicants are all other applicants.

Information for Advisors - Scholarships and Grant Applications

The GRS will guarantee a scholarship for any successful Future Fellow/Laureate Fellow UNLESS the Future Fellow/Laureate Fellow application includes and is successful in being awarded two scholarships, in which case the GRS will match that by guaranteeing two scholarships.  The GRS will also guarantee a scholarship for any successful ARC DECRA Grants. Successful grant recipients can award the scholarship to candidates of their choosing. Please see the information sheet here.

Please note: The GRS must be informed at the time of grant application so that the scholarship can be budgeted.

Externally funded research scholarships

If you are considering applying for a postgraduate research course at James Cook University you may also apply for externally funded research scholarships at any time, according to the terms and conditions of the scholarship or grant program. There are opportunities for both International and Domestic Applicants, so please visit our Externally Funded Research Scholarships page.