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What is management?

Management is the process of assessing, planning and utilising valuable employee resources effectively. Frequently, management involves the planned interactions between a manager and a team of individuals who work together to achieve common goals.

Management is vital to almost every industry. Without resources, particularly employees, businesses cannot expand, grow and deliver goods and services. Whether starting out or an experienced professional, most employees will experience the benefits of management across their career.

The field of management is closely tied to the concept of leadership. Leadership involves one person using their influence to unite others and encourage them towards particular outcomes.

Both management and leadership require high levels of empathy and people skills.

There are several different styles of management, based on different business schools of thought. The three most commonly referred to are autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. A core skill within management is accurately assessing the team before you and deciding which style will ensure you achieve your objectives.

Managers will interact with their employees frequently, usually every day. Working closely with individuals in a workplace environment requires a delicate balance of respect, understanding and cooperation.

Data analysis is also becoming increasingly relevant to the field of management and leadership. Managers draw on quantitative and qualitative data from within their workplace to assess employee and department productivity. Those who are comfortable interpreting and analysing this data will be empowered to make managerial changes that are in the best interests of their organisation and workplace.

As workplaces continue to explore opportunities for remote and hybrid working environments, the practice of management and leadership is evolving. Become part of this rapidly changing industry and contribute to innovations in facilitating collaboration and teamwork that could impact the way workplaces function for decades to come.

Management skills provide you with the opportunity to explore your passion in almost any field. Combine your knowledge business, marketing, science, technology or health services with your organisational and interpersonal skills to carve out a niche that is uniquely yours.

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What does a management specialist do?

Managers generally focus on one department or team and are responsible for the overall organisation of that team’s responsibilities. Depending on your role, this could see you tracking logistics, scheduling clients, managing budgets and much more.

Operations management is often a requirement for those working in management and leadership positions. This involves a focus on identifying customer or client strategies, attracting or consolidating the resources required for market success, and managing the use of those resources to deliver products or services effectively and efficiently. This area of the field involves the management of both people and logistics, and often requires delicate balancing acts. Managers must embrace the challenge.

Many who excel in management and leadership choose to turn their focus to project management, a popular field that is required in almost every industry. Project management involves overseeing a particular project from brainstorming through to delivery. Project managers must be skilled at balancing competing stakeholder demands. They are also adept at time management and planning, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to sudden changes.

People management is another foundational focus of management and leadership. Here, you will draw on advanced interpersonal abilities, diplomacy and negotiation tactics to manage the most valuable asset a business has – its people. Drawing on the principles of human resource management, you may be involved in hiring new staff, training and upskilling existing teams, or assessing workplace health and safety.

Management gives you a diverse range of career options, meaning you may explore possibilities across multiple industries. With a broad management skillset, you’ll be equipped to get the best out of people, resources and businesses in whatever role you choose.

What jobs are there in management?

Management skills are highly valued in workplaces and are applicable to many roles. JCU Bachelor of Business graduates benefit from having developed transferrable, 21st century skills that will see them excel in a variety of positions.

When you study management and leadership at JCU, you may go on to work for government departments, multinational corporations, private enterprises and non-for-profit organisations. The advanced communication skills that come from the Bachelor of Business are in demand by most employers.

Explore your options within Australia or overseas. As business becomes increasingly globalised, you could embrace the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and manage people from other backgrounds and cultures.

When you complete a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management at JCU, you may pursue roles such as:

  • Project manager
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Management consultant
  • Venue manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Planning manager
  • Team leader
  • Executive.
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Why study Management at JCU?

JCU empowers you with the knowledge you need to begin your career in management and leadership. With a core focus on analytical and communication skills, the JCU Bachelor of Business, with a major in Management, will give you transferrable skills that will help you adapt to a range of different roles and industries.

Employability skills are at the forefront of the Bachelor of Business at JCU. Kickstart your career sooner by participating in a professional development program or industry internship. JCU also has an array of industry partnerships, providing opportunities for you to build your professional network even before you graduate.

With multiple majors, minors and electives to choose from, you’ll craft the degree that suits your career goals. You can specialise heavily in one area or select complementary double majors to broaden your skillset.

An effective manager is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the day. At JCU, our Bachelor of Business is the same. You’ll have the option to study at one of our many campuses, or externally. Tailor your study to suit the life you have, and you’ll be on your way to creating the life you’ve always wanted.

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Associate Professor Josephine Pryce


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"This program connects students with experts in the classroom and leaders from industry. Through small classes, collaboration with peers, and opportunities for immersion in practical, experiential learning, this program prepares students to become mindful business leaders who are focused on improving the public good.

Professional reflective practice and exposure to industry and community leaders allows our students to build the thinking and aptitude to be mindful, global and social leaders. The ability for cross-campus enrolment enables work experience and networks that can lay the foundations for prosperous and meaningful careers."

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