Business WIL

Completion of a final year Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience is a core requirement of your Bachelor of Business (BBus) degree.

Through WIL, our business students can gain practical work experience as part of their degree, and you will start preparing for your WIL experience from your first year of study. Preparation involves successful completion of online career development modules and quizzes before you can take part in your final year WIL experience.

The Business WIL program offers three capstone WIL subjects, and you must complete one of the following options:

Professional Internship

Students complete a minimum of 100 hours of hands-on experience in an approved business workplace. Each internship placement is designed to be a mutually beneficial working arrangement between our students and industry, with the conduct of productive and meaningful work relevant to the student’s area of study and to the organisation/business hosting the student. Students cannot self-enrol into the subject, but must apply, and be granted, approval to enrol.

Multidisciplinary Project

The multidisciplinary project subject enables final year students from across the College of Business Law, and Governance to work together in cross-disciplinary groups to investigate and develop a solution for a real-world project sourced from industry partner organisations. Students can self-enrol into this option, and you are required to attend all timetabled workshops on campus.

Independent Project

This subject is designed for students already in employment and enables the student (employee) to make a valuable contribution to their workplace by completing a project which applies the knowledge and skills which they have acquired throughout their degree at JCU to an identified issue or challenge in their workplace. Students cannot self-enrol into the subject, and must apply, and be granted, approval to enrol.

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