Master of Philosophy Candidates

Master of Philosophy timeline - what you need to do at each stage of your degree

Your progress through your candidature is monitored and documented by a series of formal progress reports and compulsory milestones. This regular reporting provides an opportunity to reflect on your progress, your supervision, the resources available to you and obstacles that could impact your candidature and completion targets.

  • 6 Weeks - Candidate and Advisor agreement is to be completed.
  • 6 Months - Confirmation of Candidature is due.
  • The fixed components of Professional Development need to be completed in the first six months. Additional professional development is option for Master of Philosophy Candidates.

  • 1 Year - First Progress Report due (April or October).
  • 1.5 Years - Pre-Completion milestone is due.
  • 1.75 Years – Thesis submission.
  • 1.75-2 Years – Thesis examination.
  • 2 Years – Degree awarded.

MPhil Milestone Information Guide

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