What is Confirmation of Candidature?

The Confirmation of Candidature is a pretty big deal for higher degree by research candidates at JCU.

It's a milestone in your research journey that confirms that your project is feasible, your research plan is sound, and that you have, or can acquire, the skills and knowledge to successfully complete your research degree.

So, what does it involve? You'll need to complete the Confirmation of Candidature Proposal Template that outlines your research project, your progress so far, and that you have compliance items in place to progress and complete your thesis. Additionally there are some professional development requirements associated with the Confirmation of Candidature. You'll also need to give a presentation to a panel of academic experts, who will assess your work and ask you questions about your research.

The process is designed to be supportive and constructive, so don't worry too much if you're feeling a bit nervous. The panel is there to help you succeed, not to trip you up! They'll provide feedback on your report and presentation, and offer suggestions on how to improve your research. After your proposal and seminar have been assessed, you'll receive a report that outlines the panel's feedback and any required revisions.

If everything goes well, you'll be confirmed as a candidate for your research degree, and you can continue on with your project with the confidence that you're on the right track. If there are revisions required, don't worry! You'll have plenty of time to make the changes and resubmit your report.

So, that's the Confirmation of Candidature at JCU in a nutshell! It's an important milestone, but it's also an opportunity to get valuable feedback on your research and to ensure that you're on track to achieve your goals. Good luck!