The Thesis Examination Process

So, you're getting ready to submit your thesis? Congratulations! You are nearly there!

Your thesis will be examined by two external examiners of international standing. You should discuss with your advisors who a few possibilities might be, but not know exactly who your examiners are.  A few weeks before your thesis is submitted, your Primary Advisor should nominate your examiners using the Nomination of Examiners form.

To submit your thesis you’ll need to complete the Thesis Submission and Release Form and submit it together with a .pdf of your thesis to your College. Once your thesis has been submitted, the Graduate Research School will manage the examination of your thesis.

After your submission, you'll have to wait a bit while your examiners read and evaluate your thesis. All in all, it's a pretty straightforward process, but it can be nerve-wracking too. Just remember to take your time, follow the guidelines, and trust in your hard work and research. Good luck!