Graduate Research School Doctor of Philosophy Candidates Research Data and Information Management Requirements

Research Data and Information Management Requirements

As of 2021, JCU implemented research data and information requirements for all research projects and to assist researchers has implemented a Research (Data and Information) Asset Lifecycle, outlined in the Management of Data and Information in Research Procedure.

An overview of the requirements to complete are;

Pre-Project: Researcher to complete

  • Step 1: Plan - Create a RDMP (Research Data Management Plan) in Research Data JCU to establish a link between your research project and the research data prior to your Confirmation of Candidature.

During Project: Researcher to complete

  • Step 2: Manage - Manage your research data and information. This is a cyclic period where data is generated, organised, analysed and then finalised prior to archiving and publishing.
  • Step 3: Archive – A copy of the research assets is required to be submitted to JCU prior to thesis submission. E-mail [email protected] to organise the archival of the research assets and to compete required documentation (Data Record in Research Data JCU (for digital data) and TRIM (for physical data).
  • Step 4: Publish - Create a Data Publication in Research Data JCU prior to thesis submission, to make your research data available for secondary use (if appropriate) and establish the conditions for access and reuse of your data.

Post Project: JCU to complete

  • Step 5: Reuse - The Data Manager (Primary Advisor) reviews requests to access research assets in accordance with the access conditions that have been applied (as per the Data Publication).
  • Step 6: Review - The Data Manager (Primary Advisor) with the Data Custodian (delegated college / centre representative) will review and manage the research asset throughout its lifecycle and make custodian role, relevance of the data, retention period and available storage infrastructure decisions as appropriate (as per the Research Data Management Plan, Data Record and Data Publication).
  • Step 7: The Data Manager (Primary Advisor) with the Data Custodian (delegated college / centre representative) will dispose of research (data and information) assets in accordance with the relevant retention period (as per the Data Record).

For research data assistance please e-mail [email protected].