Media @JCU newsletter Notices New JCU brand devices (logos)

New JCU brand devices (logos)

New JCU brand devices (logos)

JCU has three new variants of the JCU brand device (logo) we are calling horizontal, vertical and shield.

Current JCU logo with three proposed JCU logos

This is the start of the process towards achieving two priorities in a more competitive environment:

  • Clearly articulate who JCU is – as an organisation, a symbol, personality and product (Brand identity)
  • Make consistent what JCU looks like – in all marketspaces and customer segments (Brand image)

Importantly these logos:

  • Have no implications for existing device usage although you are requested to use the new devices only in future
  • Co-exist comfortably with the existing device but offer more flexibility, especially online
  • Are cost neutral

Please visit here for more information.

Your feedback in the coming months to changes in the look, feel and substance of the JCU brand is welcome and encouraged. Please send any feedback to Graham Willcock, Director Marketing