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New JCU vehicle branding

Have you seen this vehicle? 

Brands and branding are essential in a more competitive environment. JCU’s new logos and redesigned website are part of a broader strategy articulated in the University Plan 2018-2022 and in the context of JCU’s commitment to Creating a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference. This difference is underpinned by:

·     Research and teaching excellence

·     Brand equity

·     Contemporary products

·     Student and industry partner experience; and

·     Commercial intent

JCU has taken to the roads to build brand awareness. The fleet of motor vehicles, 71 in total across North Queensland, will shortly be a stand out with JCU shield.

Artist image of the new JCU car branding design

Please visit here for more information.

Your feedback on the look, feel and substance of the JCU brand is welcome and encouraged. Please send any feedback to Graham Willcock, Director Marketing