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Stephanie Schierhuber


College of Arts, Society and Education

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17 April 2020

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Learning how to switch out of study mode

Studying from home can have some major benefits: the comfier outfits, the lunch break nap, and cuddles from your four-legged friend are just a few.

But with your class now located in your house, and your usual commute dividing study and play gone, it can be hard to switch out of study mode. You can harness your senses to switch your brain out of study mode by creating an end-of-day transition ritual.


A change of scenery is the perfect way to switch your brain out of study mode and into a more relaxed state. Try a (socially distanced) walk around the block, a bit of yoga on your back deck or play with your kids in the backyard to reset and recharge after a day’s study.


Do you have a favourite candle or diffuser scent? You can use it to tell your brain that study is over for the day. At the end of every day simply light that candle or turn on the diffuser and before long that scent will have you switching into relaxation mode.


After a while, the plastic touch of the keyboard and the glow of a computer screen can feel a little sterile. Whether you have a few pot plants on a sunny windowsill or half an acre of greenery, getting your hands dirty in the garden can work as a great mental transition activity to signal the end of the day studying. It can be as simple as checking that your plants are healthy and giving them a drink if they need it.


If you desperately need a coffee for your brain to get the signal that it is study time, then this one is for you. You can engineer the reverse for the end of the day studying. Whether you go for a plain cup of tea or something more adventurous, having a specific end-of-day drink can help your brain register that study is done.


Switch into relax mode by switching on your favourite music after a day of studying. Combine it with your end-of-day drink and time in the yard and you have the perfect recipe for relaxation. If you prefer to unwind in a more energetic fashion, consider stretching out the desk bod at the end of the day with a 30-second dance party to your favourite tune.

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