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Engineers combine mathematics and science with communication skills, critical thinking and management skills to design and develop products and solutions for real world problems. From designing computer chips to constructing dams – engineers work ultimately to advance society.

Engineering at JCU commences with a common first year, then offers a choice of engineering specialisations to students in their second year. The degree requires twelve weeks of paid, industry-based placements providing students with valuable industry experience and contacts. Engineering design, project management, team work and effective communication are incorporated throughout the program.

The capstone to student learning is the final year Engineering thesis project, which gives candidates the opportunity to carry out a significant research or design task, under the leadership of a supervising member of academic staff. JCU graduates are highly sought after by employers, with most of our students finding employment in their final year of study.

Planning is a dynamic profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities, by creating healthy, efficient and attractive places for people to live and work. Planners decide the future land use of Australia and the design and appearance of its cities and towns. Planners seek to balance the built and natural environment, community needs, cultural significance and economic sustainability, to create liveable and vibrant places to live, work and play. The Bachelor and Master degrees in Planning are professionally accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia.

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma of Data Science16 months part-timeOff campus

Masters - Coursework

Master of Data Science2 years part-timeOff campus; Flexible
Master of Tropical Urban and Regional Planning 1.5 years full timeOn campus

Masters - Research

Master of Philosophy (Architecture and Building) 2 years full timeOn campus;Off campus
Master of Philosophy (Engineering and Related Technologies) 2 years full timeOn campus;Off campus

Doctorate - Research

Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture and Building) 4 years full timeOn campus;Off campus
Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering and Related Technologies) 4 years full timeOn campus;Off campus