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Vale Emeritus Professor Peter Leggat


It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Emeritus Professor Peter A. Leggat, AM, ADC, JP, MD Qld, PhD SAust, DrPH JCU, FAFPHM RACP, FFPH RCP(UK)FPHAA, FACTM, FACAsM, FFTM FFEWM ACTM, FFTM RCPSG, FACRRM, FISTM, FAIHS, FACE, FAICD, FRAS, FRGS, FRSTMH, Dist.Int.FASTMH, Hon.FFPM RCP(UK), Hon.FACTM, Hon.FFTM ACTM, WSO-CSE/CSM/CSS(OSH)/CSSD, ChOHSP, ISTM-CTH.

Empro Leggat graduated in medical science and medicine from the University of Queensland. He undertook postgraduate studies at various universities, including Mahidol University, the University of Dundee and the University of Otago, before completing doctorates at the University of South Australia and James Cook University and a higher doctorate at the University of Queensland.

Empro Leggat was a dedicated academic and at James Cook University he rose to Professor (Promotional Chair). He was proud to be Co-Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Vector-borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Empro Leggat served on the JCU Academic Board from 2018 and was Deputy Chair from 2020. He also served as an elected staff member of the JCU Council from 2005-2018. At JCU, throughout his academic career, he had variously been seconded to the positions of Deputy Head of School, Head of School, Academic Advisor, Faculty Associate Dean, Deputy Dean of College and Dean of College.

Empro Leggat had more than three decades of experience in medicine and higher education in Australia, as well as at JCU where he also served for more than 30 years. He was a former Fulbright Scholar and during his career he published more than 500 journal papers and more than 100 chapters, as well as authoring more than 35 books, directories and proceedings.

Empro Leggat was admitted as a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia in 2013 in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Primarily for his service to St. John Ambulance Australia, Empro Leggat was promoted to Knight of Grace of the Order of St John in the 2021 Admissions and Promotions list.

Less well known to us is that Empro Leggat joined the Australian Regular Army in 1987. He was posted to various units, including the historic 2 Field Ambulance in Townsville. He served abroad in Thailand attached to the Australian Embassy, Bangkok, and he deployed to East Timor in 2000.

Empro Leggat rose to the rank of Colonel and later served in a number of reserve postings including Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

He is survived by his father Bruce and his wife Pan.

Our condolences are with Empro Leggat's family, friends, and colleagues.

In lieu of flowers, Empro Leggat’s family encourages donations to a memorial fund that has been established to honour his legacy. The Emeritus Professor Peter Leggat Memorial Fund will support and inspire generations of students and early career academics pursuing travel and tropical medicine.

Vale, Emeritus Professor Peter Leggat.