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Student Appeals Policy

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To provide a systematic approach for all students to have decisions appealed in matters related to research training, assessment, progression or conduct in a timely and consistent manner across the University.


  • The University seeks to make fair and just decisions.
  • Appeals must be taken seriously and dealt with in a timely manner to avoid escalation.
  • Communication and informal mediation should be relied on in the first instance.


This policy applies to all students undertaking either study or research (including HDR candidates) in association with programs linked to the University through professional or extracurricular activities.



To seek the overturning of a decision by a higher authority by virtue of an error or breach of procedural fairness in the initial decision.

Procedural fairness

The processes used by a decision-maker to ensure that the procedure is just and transparent. This will be determined by the nature of the preliminary assessment of the appeal application which may include matters relating to: the independence of the original decision maker or the composition of the panel, timing, participants, the right to be heard, lack of bias, evidence provided to support the decision and the consistency of the decision against previous cases.

Delegated decision maker

The authorised delegate listed in either the policy/procedure or Academic and Student Delegations Register who has made the original decision that is being appealed. This may be either be an individual academic such as an Academic Head for most coursework decisions, the Dean of Graduate Research for HDR matters or a University Committee.


1.  General

1.1  This policy will be used for all decisions made in relation to: Student Conduct, Research Training, Assessment, Progression, Advanced Standing and Professional or Clinical Placement matters.

1.2  Students have a right to seek clarification of decisions made where there is evidence that a mistake has been made or that not all evidence had been considered in the original decision.

1.3  Decisions must be made consistently across all parts of the University.

1.4  Decisions will be made with regard to confidentiality and without fear of prejudicial treatment.

1.5  All decisions will be made in accordance with procedural fairness by an independent decision maker.

1.6  Strict timeframes will be adhered to in seeking an appeal and providing outcomes of the appeal applications.

1.7  Where a listed delegate has been conflicted, the one up rule will be applied

2.  Student appeal

2.1  If a student, after receiving a determination of a decision related to assessment, research training, progression, professional/clinical placement or conduct matters, believes they have grounds for a student appeal, they may initiate that appeal.

2.2  Students must demonstrate they have consulted with the original decision maker prior to making a formal appeal (see the Student Appeal Procedure).

2.3  The grounds for a student appeal are limited to:

  • a breach of procedural fairness having occurred in the resolution of a formal decision;
  • the appropriateness of any conditions contained within the decision; or
  • new information that could not reasonably have been provided at the time of the original decision, and that would have affected the decision or any penalty imposed.

2.4  Student appeals under this policy must be submitted in writing to the Director, Student Services within twenty (20) University working days of the date of the notice of the original decision in accordance with the Student Appeal Procedure.

2.5  The student appeal statement must explain and identify:

  • the determinations which are being appealed;
  • why the process used by the decision-maker was procedurally unfair; or
  • why the decision was being appealed; or
  • why of any conditions contained within the decision are inappropriate; and
  • attach relevant documentation that supports this/these explanations.

2.6  Student appeal statements will be evaluated by the Director of Student Services in consultation with the relevant Dean and in line with the evidence provided to determine if the appeal shall proceed to be heard by the Committee.

2.7  All appeals which meet the requirements of the policy will be heard by the University Appeals Committee with appropriate expertise and a member of the University Council within its composition.

3.  Records and decisions

3.1  All appeal related matters will be documented consistent with University records policies.

3.2  Communications of meetings, hearings and outcomes will be provided to the student and the College and held in the Student Management System.

3.3  Outcomes of appeals will be reported annually to the Academic Board for reference in future policy and management decisions.

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