Policy Academic Governance

Academic Governance

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Admissions Policy Schedule II

Appendix 1 Comprehensive Course Review Quality Indicators

Appendix 1 Credit Management Responsibilities

Appendix 1 Criteria for examination

Appendix 1 Degrees with Automated Interim Awards

Appendix 1 Examination requirements

Appendix 1 HDR Candidate English Language Requirements

Appendix 1 Minimum Promotional Criteria and Key Elements and Performance Levels

Appendix 1 Misconduct penalty level description

Appendix 1 Preliminary Assessment

Appendix 1 Special Circumstances Supporting Documentation

Appendix 1 Specified Courses

Appendix 1 Student Results PolicyAppendix 1 Degrees with Automated Interim Awards

Appendix 1 Research Data and Information Asset Lifecycle

Appendix 2 Custodianship Model for Research Data and Information

Appendix 2 Examples of Conflicts of Interest (HDR Examiners)

Appendix 2 Student Academic Misconduct penalties

Appendix 2 TOR Investigation Panel

Appendix 3 JCU Research Data Information Storage Collaboration Options

Appendix 3 Student General Misconduct penalties

Appendix 4 Student Professional Misconduct penalties

Appendix 4 Reporting Findings Investigation

First Year Experience Coordinator Practice Guidelines

First Year Experience Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

Flow Chart Breach of Research Code

Graduate Attributes

Listed subjects and courses 2023

Listed subjects and courses 2024

MBBS Assessment Guidelines

PHS_NIH Project Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Policy Glossary

SESTP Distribution List

Schedule 1 Minimum Standards for Approved Accommodation Providers

Schedule A Student Payment and Fee Reversal Allocation

Schedule A Coursework Approval Timeline Guidelines

Schedule B Coursework Approval Details