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Student Results Policy

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This policy articulates the principles of management of student academic results.


  • The University will have a clear set of student result identifiers which will be used across all campuses and modes of delivery.
  • Student results will be determined through both individual academic scrutiny and oversight by a College Assessment Committee to ensure fair and equitable results.
  • Subject results are provided to students in a timely manner to assist students in determining course progression and study plans.


This policy only applies to:

  • students studying undergraduate and postgraduate coursework subjects; and
  • staff administering  undergraduate and postgraduate coursework subjects.


Definitions of terms used in this policy are as per the Policy Glossary.

  1. For the purposes of this policy, “Certify” refers to endorsement and “Ratify” refers to the expression of approval as specified in the Academic and Student Delegations Register
  2. Results Publication Date is the date that ratified subject results are made available to students.
  3. Unless specifically excluded, “Dean”, “Dean of College” and “College Dean” refer to the Dean or equivalent delegated authority for the relevant Academic Unit and their delegate(s).
  4. Unless specifically excluded, “DVC” and “Deputy Vice-Chancellor” refer to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Division.


1. Finalisation and Publication of  Student Results

1.1 Each Study Period shall have a designated Results Publication Date which is approved by Academic Board for each academic year. The Results Publication Date shall be no more than 28 calendar days from the designated End Date for the study period. The results for subjects taught in the Study Period shall be released on the Results Publication Date for that Study Period.

1.2 It is the responsibility of College Deans to ensure that subject results are certified, and the responsibility of the Director, Academic Quality and Strategy to ensure that subject results are ratified, by the designated ratification date (determined by the Director, Student Services).

1.3 It is the responsibility of Subject Coordinators to ensure that all staff marking assessable items in the subject are informed of deadlines for the completion of marking and submission of results.

1.4 The Assessment Committee must ensure that the awarding of the final subject result in a chained subject sequence considers the full chain of subjects.  The final chained subject result is considered to be the final subject result for each subject within the chained sequence.

1.5 Student results can only be changed in accordance with the Finalisation and Publication of Student Results Procedure.

2. Standard System of Reporting Results

2.1 Final Results for Coursework Subjects

The following codes will be used when awarding final results for all coursework subjects:



Pass with High Distinction



Pass with Distinction



Pass with Credit






Pass Conceded (may not be used as a prerequisite without permission of the relevant College Dean)



Satisfactory (a passing level in an ungraded subject)






Unsatisfactory (failed to reach a passing level in an ungraded subject)



Withdrawn (withdrew before the prescribed last date for withdrawal without academic penalty) (Administrative process only)



Fail (withdrew after the prescribed last date for withdrawal without academic penalty)



Fail (did not sit for examination(s), or did not complete assessment requirements worth at least 80% of the total possible marks, or deferred examination not granted.)



Pass after sitting a supplementary examination or supplementary assessment



Pass Conceded after sitting a supplementary examination or supplementary assessment (may not be used as a prerequisite without permission of the College Dean)



Satisfactory after sitting a supplementary examination or supplementary assessment (a passing level in an ungraded subject)

2.1.1 The letter ‘S’ precedes any passing result awarded after sitting a supplementary examination or supplementary assessment.

2.1.2 An ‘X’ shall not be awarded to a student who completes assessment requirements worth 80% or more of the total marks for the subject, except as provided for by 2.1.3.  Such students should be awarded either a passing result or an ‘N’, as appropriate, as a final result.

2.1.3 Students who are awarded a fail for a subject as a result of being proved guilty of academic misconduct will be awarded an ‘X’.

2.2 Interim Results For Coursework Subjects

The following codes will be used when awarding interim results for coursework subjects, pending the award of a final result:


Result Withheld (student assessment requirements are outstanding)


Assessment Incomplete (College assessment process is incomplete)


Fail (supplementary examination granted)


Fail (supplementary assessment granted)


Deferred examination granted


Interim result for a subject which forms part of a subject chain

*Transitional arrangements will apply for these interim results. For all results approved from 1/1/2018 the above result codes will be used. For supplementary results approved prior to 1/1/2018, the interim result code of NS will be used.

2.3 Honours Results

The following honours classifications will be used when awarding final results for honours degrees:

I Hons

Class I

IIA Hons

Class II division A

IIB Hons

Class II division B

III Hons

Class III

3. Appeal of Final Subject Result

3.1 Final subject results can only be appealed in accordance with the Student Review and Appeals Policy.

4. Distribution of Results

4.1 The Academic Board will monitor the allocation of results across disciplines as per the Distribution of Results Procedure.

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NOTE: Printed copies of this policy are uncontrolled, and currency can only be assured at the time of printing.

Approval Details

Policy Sponsor

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Students

Approval Authority

Academic Board

Date for next Major Review


Revision History

NOTE: A minor amendment will not result in a change of the next major review date.

Approval date - the date the approval authority approved the establishment, minor or major amendment or disestablishment

Implementation Date - the date the policy was published in the Policy Library and is the date the policy takes effect


Approval date

Implementation date



18-201/11/201805/12/2018Minor amendment to reflect establishment of Student Appeals PolicyChair of Academic Board
18-104/10/201804/10/2018Administrative amendment to correct review date and align with current organisational structure.Quality, Standards and Policy Officer




Established as part of review of policies and procedures associated with grades and results. Refer to Academic Board 2 May 2017 minutes (2/17)

Manager, Student Finance and Examinations

Contact person:Manager, Student Finance and Examinations


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