Lockdown / Shelter in Place

This procedure may be imposed if a hostile or disturbed person is reported to be on campus: it is applicable to any building.

1. Everyone in hallways or open areas is to seek shelter in the nearest room.

2. Lock and barricade doors.

3. Close windows and window blinds etc.

4. Turn off lights.

5. Everyone is to remain quiet: and not enter hallways or open areas.

6. If possible quietly contact (0) 000 from an internal extension or either 000 or 112 from a mobile; if safe to do so also advise JCU Security on 478 15555.

7. Crouch down in areas that are out of sight from doors and windows.

8. Should the fire alarm sound, do not evacuate the building unless:

  • You have firsthand knowledge that there is a fire in the building, or

  • You have been advised by Police/Security to evacuate the building, or

  • There is imminent danger in the immediate area.