Safety and Wellbeing Support Services

Support Services

There are a number of services available on-campus and in the community to provide information and support if you are managing any behaviour or incidents that could impact on your health or wellbeing. Most of these services are free and confidential.

JCU Services

JCU Sexual Misconduct Officers

Sexual Misconduct Officers provide a single point of contact at JCU for a person who has been subject to Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault, or to the manager or person supporting that person. Sexual Misconduct Officers will assist people to access support that is required.


Manager, Student Equity and Wellbeing
Larissa Siliezar, (07) 478 14538

Staff and JCU Community

Chief of Staff
Vanessa Cannon, (07) 478 14078

Alternatively, you can contact a Student Misconduct Officer at

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Sexual assault and sexual harassment

Family and domestic violence

Counselling and mental health

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