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Click here to link to JCU's Domestic Violence Policy, and the Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

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There are a number of services available on-campus and in the community to provide information and support if you are managing any behaviour or incidents that could impact on your health or wellbeing. Most of these services are free and confidential.

You can talk with a JCU Sexual Misconduct Officer about any matter that is causing you concern - no matter how big or small the issue might seem.

Sexual Misconduct Officers provide a single point of contact at JCU for a person who has been subject to Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault, or to the manager or person supporting that person.

The safety and wellbeing of the person who has been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault are at the centre of all responses.  All contact is treated confidentially.

The sexual assault services provide specialist, free, confidential support (24 hours by phone Australia-wide, and 24 hours in person response in Townsville and Cairns).

The Specialist Sexual Assault Services have support workers who can meet you and can offer ways to help you manage the physical and emotional affects you may be experiencing. They can explain and assist with legal and medial options, including any emergency health care of forensic examinations, and, any decisions about reporting to police.

The Specialist Sexual Assault Services can also advise and assist you to access support from JCU to continue studying or working if you wish. They will ensure your decisions are communicated and respected. JCU Sexual Misconduct Officers can also assist you to connect with the specialist services.

JCU Student Equity and Wellbeing - Free and confidential information and counselling for JCU students.  Phone (07) 47814711 or (07) 42321150, or email

Lifeworks - Employee Assistance Program.  Free and confidential counselling for JCU staff. Phone 1800 604640.

Equity Contact Officers are the first point of contact regarding discrimination attributes and areas, including harassment and bullying queries and concerns. They provide information and referral options for both students and staff regarding both informal and formal resolution options.

James Cook University (JCU) is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment for all students and staff. Equity Contact Officers (ECOs) are appointed under the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and can listen and advise staff and students wanting to discuss a potential harassment, discrimination or bullying concern and programs available for its resolution.

There are general health facilities on or near the Townsville and Cairns campuses.

For most health services you need to make an appointment and some services charge a cancellation fee if you miss your appointment. For specialist services, you will need to bring a referral from a general practitioner (GP).

If you are not familiar with the Australian health system, see About health services in Australia.