SWIRLnet Wind Speed Data

Wind Speed Data

The charts below show data from deployed SWIRLnet towers. Each tower has two charts, one showing wind speed data, the second showing atmospheric pressure.

To view all available charts for each tower, please cycle through them using the buttons that appear below each chart.

The figures above show mean wind speed (10-minute average), gust wind speed (maximum 3-second gust within the preceding 10-minutes), mean wind direction (10-minute average) and atmospheric pressure (1-minute average) measured by each of the deployed SWIRLnet towers. All wind measurements are at 3.2 m above local ground level. A standardised wind gust is also included, which is an estimate of the expected 3-second gust over open terrain at an elevation of 10 m, based on the data measured at the tower. Note that this is an estimate and not a recorded gust value. No stringent quality control has been carried out on the data prior to generating these figures.

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