JCU Accommodation Services

JCU Accommodation Services is a resource available to all JCU students looking for on-campus accommodation for long term and short term stays. Short study stays, group and conference bookings are also available to students, visitors and staff.

The office provides support for students with the application process for on-campus accommodation in all seven Halls and Colleges at JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas. Further details about each of the on-campus options are available from the Halls and Colleges.

If a student is thinking of studying at JCU it is recommended they apply early for on-campus accommodation and not wait until receiving confirmation to study at JCU. An application for a room will place the student in a queue to be considered with no commitment at this early stage.

Applications open on 1 August for the following year and 1 April for study period 2 of that year. Apply now for on-campus accommodation.

We welcome your enquiry, contact JCU Accommodation Services.

Email us at accommodation@jcu.edu.au or phone (07) 4781 4148.