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Professor Vicki Hutton

Vicki Hutton has worked in higher education in counselling and behavioural sciences for over 10 years. Prior to her career in higher education and research, Vicki worked in family violence as a trauma counsellor and group facilitator.

In teaching and learning, Vicki has focused on developing and promoting cultural awareness and responsiveness amongst students as they prepare to enter an increasingly culturally diverse society. She believes curricula should engage students at a cognitive, affective and behavioural level in order to foster the understanding and skills required to be responsive to the worldview of others. Vicki is also passionate about animal ethics and the relationship between human and non-human animals.

Vicki’s research interests include a focus on diversity, stigma and wellbeing. She has researched in the areas of HIV and AIDS, sexual orientation and gender identity, community-connectedness, compassion fatigue and human-animal studies.