ARCSTA Available PhD Opportunities

Available PhD Opportunities

We always welcome applications from prospective Postgraduate HDR students

If there are no advertised postgraduate projects please send us an email at Tell us why you are interested in our research and include a copy of your CV.

Current Project Opportunities:

On-farm genomics for selection and management in Aquaculture

About this scholarship

Supervisor: Professor Ben Hayes

Aquaculture enterprises are increasingly using genomic information to improve genetic gains for growth and disease resistance, and manage diversity in their breeding programs. However obtaining the DNA information from a laboratory may take weeks to months, which may not be compatible with the need to make rapid on farm decisions. The availability of compact, portable genome sequencers, opens up the possibility of shifting DNA marker genotyping and sequencing for selection and diagnosis from the lab to the farm. In this project, you will build on the considerable experience of the Hayes and Ross group to make on farm, rapid sequencing for selection and management a reality for Aquaculture enterprises. This would be a game changer for these enterprises, accelerating genetic gains and reducing disease. The project is part of the ARC Research Hub for Supercharging Tropical Aquaculture Through Genetic Solutions, so you will be well supported with access to industry partner breeding programs, and a large cohort of fellow students.

Research environment

The student will be well supported in the very active and growing Hayes and Ross group, which includes a large number of PhDs, postdocs and senior scientists. Lab and technical support facilities are excellent, and the Hayes and Ross group are recognised as world leaders in Nanopore

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