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R. Marcoli , D.B. Jones, C. Massault, A.F. Marc b, M. Moran, P.J. Harrison , H.S. Cate, A.L. Lopata, D.R. Jerry The skin structure in multiple color variants of barramundi (Lates calcarifer): A histological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural overview Aquaculture Volume 576, 15 November 2023, 739859

Alzayat Saleh,  Marcus Sheaves, Dean Jerry,  Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi  Applications of deep learning in fish habitat monitoring: A tutorial and survey.  Expert Systems with Applications Volume 238, Part B, 15 March 2024, 121841

Alzayat Saleh,  Dean Jerry,  Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi  MFLD-net: a lightweight deep learning network for fish morphometry using landmark detection.  Aquatic Ecology, Volume 57 pages 913-931, 08 July 2023

Emily M. Jerry, Shaymaviswanathan Karnaneedi,Thimo Ruethers, Dean R. Jerry, Kelly Condon and Andreas L. Lopata.  Allergen Diversity and Abundance in Different Tissues of the Redclaw Crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus). MDPI - Foods, Volume 13, Issue 2 (13020315)

Saleh A, Hasan M, Raadsma H, Khatkar M, Jerry D and Rahimi Azghadi M (in press) Prawn Morphometrics and Weight Estimation from Images using Deep Learning for Landmark Localization. Aquacultural Engineering,

Marc A, Guppy J, Goldsbury J, Rudd D, Cate HParis D and Jerry D (2024) Characterization of sperm quality in captive-bred barramundi (Lates calcarifer): Effect on spawning performance and paternal contribution in mass-spawning events. Aquaculture, 585.