Australian/NZ Students Selection process

Our selection process

We will assess your application for the following:

  • Eligibility – based on the University’s admission rules and course admission requirements, for example: course prerequisites and English language proficiency requirements.
  • Merit – based on OP/ATAR, selection rank, Grade Point Average (GPA) and performance in special selection criteria, such as interviews and written applications.


JCU’s Diploma of Higher Education1 is an “open access” course, which means that all applicants are eligible to receive an offer subject to English language proficiency requirements and JCU’s admission rules.

1 except for the Business stream


How we select

JCU’s Bachelor degree courses have a minimum rank threshold (sometimes called a “cut-off”) that all applicants must meet in order to be considered for an offer, which is in addition to any admission requirements such as pre-requisites.  For high demand courses, simply meeting this threshold will not guarantee an offer as places are limited and there may also be additional selection criteria used.  

What we consider

If you are a current Year 12 student you will be considered on your OP/ATAR including any bonus ranks that you are eligible for.  If you have undertaken study at certificate III level or higher then this will also be considered.

All other applicants will be considered on the basis of their selection rank will is calculated from secondary and post-secondary study (including bridging, certificate and tertiary level); paid employment experience; as well as any bonus ranks that you may be eligible for.

Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and Physiotherapy

Current Year 12 applicants or those with a single gap year or less than one semester of full time equivalent study will be considered on the basis of their OP/ATAR and performance in special selection criteria, such as interview and written application.

All other applicants are considered on the basis of tertiary study, specifically the Grade Point Average (GPA) from their most recent course.


How we select

Our postgraduate degrees have Admissions Requirements which must be met by all applicants.

To view the Admission Requirements: find your course at Courses and Degrees and then refer to the Admissions Requirements section under the Handbook heading.

What we consider

Applicants will generally be considered for an offer on the basis of their undergraduate degree, however some courses also have additional selection criteria such as an interview, referee report or a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement.

Adjustment Factors

Regional Preference Scheme

This scheme assists residents of the University’s catchment area to gain entry to JCU through an automatic adjustment of an applicant’s OP by one band or selection rank by two ranks.

The Regional Preference Scheme is open to domestic applicants who reside in the University’s catchment area (postcodes 4737 through to 4895).  The scheme cannot be used for entry to postgraduate degrees, graduate entry programs and courses with special application requirements.

Applicants do not apply for this scheme.  The bonus ranks are automatically applied at the time of application.

Other Schemes

JCU does not have a Year 12 subject scheme or any other adjustment factors.

Special consideration for adverse circumstances

JCU participates in QTAC’s Educational Access Scheme (EAS) which recognises applicants who have been educationally disadvantaged due to: financial hardship, home environment and responsibilities, English language difficulty, personal illness and disability or educational disruption.

This scheme is open to domestic applicants who apply through QTAC, but does not apply to courses with special application requirements.

Applicants apply for this scheme through QTAC.