How to apply Postgraduate – domestic

How to apply for postgraduate domestic study

A postgraduate degree is usually undertaken by students who have previously completed one or more undergraduate degrees, or have professional experience that is relevant to a JCU study area and can be recognised as prior learning.

With postgraduate study at JCU, you'll deepen your understanding of your chosen field through practical, contemporary-focused coursework. Whether you’re aiming to progress your current career, embrace a new opportunity or are passionate about contributing further to your chosen field, JCU can support you to be ready today, for tomorrow.

If you are applying as a domestic postgraduate student, follow the application instructions below.

A domestic student holds one of the following:

  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship
  • Australian permanent resident status
  • A permanent Australian humanitarian visa.

If you do not have one of the above, you are considered an international student. Discover everything you need to apply as an international student.

How to apply

You can apply to all JCU postgraduate coursework degrees by following these steps.

Refer to the JCU course page for your preferred degree. Check that you meet the entry requirements and that the application deadline has not passed.

An image of the Fast Facts section of a JCU course page highlighting where the entry requirements can be found.

You will need to include some documentation with your postgraduate application. This generally includes:

  • Birth certificate, passport or other proof of identity and/or citizenship
  • Transcripts and testamurs for any previously attained qualifications
  • Curriculum vitae.

To ensure a smooth process, ensure you have all your personal, academic and work experience information ready before you begin your application.

You will also need a Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you do not have a USI, you will need to create one before commencing your application.

Open the JCU Online Application Portal and follow the prompts on the page to complete your application. Ensure you upload any required documents and don't forget to press submit!

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Postgraduate application quick guide

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Choose your course

Explore our range of courses and check your eligibility

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Collect your documents

Prepare evidence of citizenship, academic history and work experience

Online icon

Apply online

Use the JCU Online Application portal to submit your application

Specialised application information

Applications for cross-institutional study

1 — Check entry requirements

Identify the subject you wish to study in the Course and Subjects Handbook. Check that you meet all applicable entry requirements, and are eligible to apply for the subject(s) you have chosen.

If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements, our friendly Future Students team can assist you with enquiries related to your specific circumstances. Contact us today to speak to an advisor.

2 — Complete the required documentation

You will need to complete the following forms as part of your application:

You will also need to include some supporting documentation. This generally includes:

  • Birth certificate, passport or other proof of identity and/or citizenship
  • Transcripts and testamurs for any previously attained qualifications
  • Curriculum vitae.

3 — Apply direct to JCU

Submit your application by emailing the completed forms and your supporting documentation to

Apply to JCU

Preparing for study at JCU

Once we have received all of your supporting documentation, you can usually expect to be notified of our decision within 3 weeks. We aim to inform you of our decision on your application as quickly as possible.

If you change your mind about the course you have applied for at any point in the admission process, please let our Admissions team know.

In the meantime, get a taste of what life as a JCU student is like. You can book a campus tour, speak with student advisors, browse our social and sporting clubs, visit our various social media channels, and read the stories of students, alumni and researchers.

Looking for more help?

At JCU, you’ll find many options to extend your qualifications and expand your career. Contact our friendly team with any questions, to ensure you find the degree that’s right for you.