How to apply International

How to apply as an international student

Take the stress out of your JCU international student application with our step-by-step guide. Ensure you’re fully equipped to seize this opportunity for a unique study experience. Below is everything you need to apply, from course selection through to accepting your university offer.

Undergraduate or Postgraduate Coursework degrees

Apply direct to JCU or through an authorised agent

There are several decisions to make before applying to JCU and many other things to consider. Follow our step-by-step process for preparing and submitting your application.

Browse JCU's extensive range of study options to find one that suits you. Then decide on your preferred undergraduate or postgraduate course, based on your previous studies and academic results.

Search for a course

Some of our most popular courses include:

Applicants must meet several entry requirements, including English language proficiency and academic results.

Some courses also require you to meet additional selection criteria or complete additional steps in the application process.

Check the standard entry requirements for studying at JCU, as well as any specific entry requirements for your course on the relevant JCU course page.

Please refer to the table below to check the application due date for the intake of your choice. Please note, if you are applying from within Australia you may be able to apply after the application due date, please email us for further information.

Trimester / Study PeriodApplication due date 
Trimester 2, 202415 March 2024   
Study Period 84, 20243 May 2024
Study Period 2, 202417 May 2024
Study Period 85, 20245 July 2024
Trimester 3, 202412 July 2024
Study Period 3, 202522 November 2024
Trimester 1, 202522 November 2024
Study Period 1, 202520 December 2024
Study Period 82, 20253 January 2025
Trimester 2, 202514 March 2025
Study Period 84, 20252 May 2025
Study Period 2, 202523 May 2025
Study Period 85, 20254 July 2025
Trimester 3, 202511 July 2025

Some courses have special due dates:

CourseTrimester / Study PeriodApplication due date
Bachelor of Dental Surgery Study Period 1, 202531 August 2024
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of SurgeryStudy Period 1, 202531 August 2024
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) [End on]Trimester 1, 202531 October 2024
Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)Study Period 1, 202531 August 2024
Master of Medical ScienceStudy Period 2, 202428 May 2024
 Study Period 1, 202529 December 2024
Master of Professional PsychologyStudy Period 2, 2024Closed on
14 February 2024
Master of Psychology (Clinical)Study Period 1, 202530 September 2024
Graduate Diploma of Medical ScienceStudy Period 2, 202428 May 2024
 Study Period 1, 202529 December 2024
Graduate Diploma of PsychologyTrimester 1, 202531 October 2024

See Important Dates to download the teaching and study period calendars.

Genuine Student requirement 

When applying for an Australian student visa, you must meet the Australian Government's Genuine Student requirements. This means proving that you genuinely intend to study in Australia.

To obtain a Student visa, you'll need to show that you meet either the genuine student criterion or the genuine student dependent criterion. This involves answering questions about your current situation, such as your connections to family, community, work, and financial circumstances. You'll also need to explain why you want to study in Australia with your chosen education provider, demonstrate your understanding of the course requirements, and how completing the course will benefit you.

You can find further information about the Genuine Student requirement on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.

Important information for applicants who have received an offer that is conditional upon meeting Genuine Student requirements

If you've received a conditional offer that depends on meeting Genuine Student requirements, it's crucial you get in touch with your authorised Education Agent without delay. Your Agent can provide valuable guidance and assistance for the next steps in this process.

To fulfill your Genuine Student assessment, you might need to provide additional financial documents and a Statement of Purpose. Additionally, an interview may be required before you can officially accept the offer.

Rest assured, your Education Agent can help you prepare all the necessary paperwork and provide support throughout the process. They will stay updated and keep you informed about the outcome. Please be aware that processing times may be longer during peak periods.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

People in some countries must apply to JCU through an authorised agent.

If your country appears in the list of results, you’ll need to apply through an agent. Otherwise, you’ll submit your application directly to JCU.

Please enter the first few letters of your country name into the search bar and click the 'Search' button.

All applicants must include the following documents in their application:

A. Academic Transcripts

You must include all transcripts for any studies you have undertaken in secondary school and beyond.

These must:

  • list all subjects undertaken and grades achieved;
  • be printed on the official letterhead of the institution; and
  • be digital academic statements (not scanned photocopies of original hard copy documents).

B. Graduation certificates/official awards (unless your official academic transcripts clearly state your degree/qualification conferral).

These are to be the official awards and provided in both the original language and English. You must submit a copy for each qualification, unless your official academic transcripts clearly state your degree or qualification conferral.

These must:

  • State the full title of qualification;
  • List the date of completion;
  • Include the name of graduate; and
  • Be printed on the official paper or letterhead of the institution.

C. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)

Each degree at an Australian university will have an English Language Proficiency requirement. You must provide an accepted English Language Proficiency test score. Explore which test results JCU accepts and find out more about language requirements.

D. Copy of your passport

A passport is essential for any overseas travel. A copy of your passport is required before you can accept a JCU offer. If you don’t have a passport yet, you may submit your application without passport details. However, you should apply for one as soon as possible, as delays in accepting your offer may lead to it being forfeited.

E. Current visa details (if applicable)

If you are an international student currently in Australia, you will need to provide your visa details as part of your application.

F. Confirmation of enrolment (if applicable)

If you are an international student already studying in Australia on a student visa, you will need to provide confirmation of your current enrolment.

G. Course specific application documents (if applicable)

Some programs have additional selection criteria as part of the application process. Discover the entry requirements for your chosen course in the Handbook section of the specific course page.

You must include all relevant documentation required to prove that you meet this selection criteria.

H. Additional documentation

The Admissions team will contact you via email if additional documents are required to support your application. These could include:

  • Documentation for additional selection requirements
  • Resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Personal statement
  • Employer statement (start and finish dates, job description) with their letterhead.

Apply through an authorised agent

Agents are representatives authorised by JCU to support applicants in particular countries. They can provide you with information and advice about your course options and the application process.

To check if you’re required to apply to JCU through an agent, please refer to Step 5 above.

Search our Find an Agent portal for details of approved JCU agents in your region.

Apply directly to JCU

If you’re not required to apply through an authorised agent, please use the JCU application portal.

Apply to JCU as a Higher Degree by Research student

Discover how to apply for a JCU Higher Degree by Research course. The application steps are the same whether you are an international or domestic student.

Interested in a study abroad and exchange  opportunity

Take the opportunity to study at JCU in Australia while still enrolled at your home university.

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Next steps

Once we have received all of your supporting documentation, you can usually expect to be notified of our decision within 3 weeks.

We will contact you via email if additional information or documents are needed.

If you change your mind about the course you have applied for at any point in the admission process, please let us know as soon as you can.

You will receive notification of the outcome of your application through the JCU Online Application Portal.

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter providing details of any conditions related to your study and information on how to accept your offer. Please check your email inbox regularly to ensure you receive these instructions.

Knowing what you need to do before you travel to study in Australia will help set you up for success. Check our pre-departure guide for tips to be prepared.

Looking for more help?

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for online, send us a message and we’ll get in touch.