Cyber Security Hub Awareness and training

Awareness and training

Cyber Security Awareness and Training Approach

There is a shared responsibility at JCU for Cyber Security.  Cyber attackers often compromise systems by first targeting people, and this means what we do/don’t do goes a long way to mitigate risks and protect JCU from damaging cyber-attacks.

The approach of the Cyber Security Awareness and Training program is based on the knowledge that small behaviour changes can make a significant difference to keep you and your loved ones safe online and this flows into the workplace. The intersections between Cyber Security, Privacy and Information Security will also be addressed in awareness and training materials.

Ultimately, the objective is to grow a cyber risk aware culture in JCU where staff and students become our first line of defence.

The Security Awareness and Training plan includes:

  • Online Cyber Awareness Information presented on the Cyber Hub and via Instagram, Facebook and Yammer and more traditional delivery mediums including email and newsletters
  • Cyber Security Presentations and Outreach program
  • Cyber Exercises such as phishing campaigns, competitions and incident response simulations
  • Cyber Safety Training Modules delivered via an external platform; Proofpoint
    • Training modules are designed to provide training to address the top risks and there is additional training for individuals and teams with unique roles or high risk profiles
  • Special events and campaigns to address emerging risks and threats.

During 2024, JCU will roll out several mandatory training modules for new starters and bi-annual compliance training.