About Us

The Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) is the pre-eminent independent authority on the performance of buildings in cyclones and severe wind events in Australia and the surrounding region. The Cyclone Testing Station conducts wind engineering research, testing and education programs.

The Cyclone Testing Station is located at James Cook University in Townsville and focuses primarily on the performance of houses and other low rise buildings. The Cyclone Testing Station aims to ensure that buildings designed to resist cyclones and severe wind events are safe, economical and sustainable.

What Drives Us?

Ever since Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin in 1974, the Cyclone Testing Station has brought together a team dedicated to minimising loss and suffering as a result of cyclones and other high wind events.

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CTS Advisory Board

The Cyclone Testing Station Station's Advisory Board is structured around organisations rather than individuals. It includes representatives of State and Local government authorities, James Cook University, organisations and associations within the building industry, building product manufacturers as well as some invited members.

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History of the Station

The Cyclone Testing Station was founded in response to the the destruction caused by cyclone Althea to Townsville in 1971 and cyclone Tracy to Darwin in 1974. The Station's strategic location in Townsville has enabled it to serve not only Australia and North Queensland but also most other cyclone prone regions throughout the world.

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Staff & Student Profiles

Current staff involved with research, services, education and management of the Cyclone Testing Station

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The CTS has NATA accreditation for testing services. Please contact us for further details.

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