Meet Our Team

Patrick Driscoll

Director and Business Development Manager


+61 7 4781 4986

Patrick has worked extensively in the delivery of digital business solutions, business analysis, and project management to a variety of businesses. He is currently studying a masters in Urban Planning and Design.

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Dr David Henderson

Chief Engineer

David has over sixteen years of experience as a research engineer conducting studies into low rise buildings and their components with the Cyclone Testing Station.

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Professor John Ginger

Research Director


+61 7 478 14490

John joined the Cyclone Testing Station as a Research Fellow in December 1996, and was involved with carrying out research and testing in the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel. He is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Science and Engineering, JCU.

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Simon Ingham

Senior Engineer

Working in multiple industries based around building materials, Simon is experienced in all aspects of project management and quality assurance. At CTS Simon is mainly involved in providing testing services to the clients.

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Dr Daniel Smith

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Smith's work covers a wide range of topics including: structural engineering for natural hazards, post-event damage assessment, mobile weather station deployment in extreme wind events, and insurance loss analysis.

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Dr Korah Parackal

Research Fellow

Korah Parackal is a Structural Engineer focusing on progressive failures of roofing connections during windstorms. He brings this knowledge to the CRC project on retrofitting older houses to be more resilient to wind loads.

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Rod Lowe

Project Engineer

Rod has experience in applying industry standards for design safety and performance. At CTS, Rod’s role is to assist with finalising test programmes, supervising testing and preparing test reports.

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Associate Professor Geoff Boughton

Senior Research Engineer

Geoff is currently an Adjunct in the College of Science and Engineering, JCU, and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers and a member of both the Australasian Wind Engineering Society and the Australian Earthquake Engineering Society.

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Debbie Falck

Research Officer

Debbie works on projects to improve the resilience of buildings to severe winds and to investigate damage to buildings following extreme wind events. She is part of the North Queensland Strata Title Inspection Program.

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Saira Viqar

Software Designer

Saira develops web applications that help researchers manage and visualise their data. Her other interests include the theory of distributed systems, and data visualisation.

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Dot Cunningham

Administrative Assistant

Dot provides administrative support for the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station. She has had many years of supporting research and curriculum programs in higher education.

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Geeth Bodhinayake

Post Doc, Research Engineer

Geeth has worked as a site engineer in Dubai, UAE and as a mechanical engineer for the Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka. Geeth's PhD is on “Wind Induced Internal Pressure Fluctuations In Industrial type Steel Buildings”.

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