With modern facilities in the Wet Tropics Daintree Rainforest, we have the ideal environment to connect secondary students to biology, ecology and biodiversity. For tertiary students, we have the perfect environment to get exposure to field conditions in a working research station only 2 hours from Port Douglas with all the facilities typically available to researchers.

A number of pre-prepared curriculum-linked resources are available for teachers.

Learning Environment

The modern teaching and conference facilities are designed with student-centred and inquiry-focused practice in mind. The open design and flexible spaces create many vistas where one can look up to rainforest-clad mountains or down over sweeping views to the Coral Sea. This is one of the few areas in the world where the reef meets the rainforest and the only place where two World Heritage Areas sit side by side. The modern amenities, along with rich biodiversity and geographical remoteness, create a unique and inspirational learning environment.


We have living and learning resources which school groups have access to: beds and amenities, microscopes and lab space, and much more. Here are some of the experiential activities we offer.

Canopy CraneTeachers and students may be able to experience the canopy from above by going up in the rainforest canopy crane.
Aquatic Invertebrates 
Trail ExplorationSurrounding the research station, several trails traverse various elevations and rainforest growth at various stages of succession. These trails provide avenues for students to experience primary and secondary rainforest, rainforest reforestation, as well as a dynamic creek.
Dawn-chorus Bird SightingWhile on site, students and teachers can take advantage of the dawn chorus of the many birds that live in the Daintree rainforest. this can be guided by research station field staff or independently organised. Many researchers visiting the research station have seen cassowaries on site.
Animal SpotlightingMany animals are nocturnal in the rainforest so planning to go animal spotlighting will provide students and teachers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of possums, bandicoots, rainforest rats, snakes, frogs and spiders.

Biology - Year 12 Unit 3 Mandatory Practicals