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Fees and costs

The undergraduate Study Abroad fee for 2021 is AUD $12,900* per teaching period (semester). The postgraduate Study Abroad fee for 2021 is AUD $14,450* per teaching period (semester).

You should consider the required expenses, which must be paid upon acceptance of your offer, and any additional expenses you need to pay when you arrive. Student discounts are available during study.

*The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is not incorporated into the semester or annual tuition fee for international fee-paying students. An additional payment will be required.

Expenses to pay

Before you leave home

You must pay a commencement deposit when you accept an offer to study at JCU. Please check your Letter of Offer for a full description of upfront payments.

The commencement deposit usually consists of:

  • Study Abroad program fee for one teaching period (semester) as listed above; and
  • The 2021 Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for Study Abroad students is a fixed fee of $154.00.
  • Student Visa applicants must pay for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This compulsory Australian Immigration requirement must cover the length of the visa and cannot be waived by the university.
  • Belgian and Norwegian students are exempt if they have the appropriate health coverage with their own national provider. Find out more at OSHC.
  • Swedish students may be exempt but must provide JCU with a copy of their Kammarkollegiet insurance details. If not covered by Kammarkollegiet Swedish students must pay the OSHC amount.

For further information about your visa and health insurance requirements refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.

Others fees payable before you leave home may include:

  • An accommodation application fee of A$55 if you apply to live on-campus in student accommodation. You must complete an accommodation application and pay the A$55 application fee directly to the JCU Accommodation Service. Once you receive an offer of a place in on-campus accommodation you must pay any further fees directly to the accommodation provider.

During your study

As a student you will have living costs and other expenses including books, computer equipment, field trips.

Living costs

The cost of living in Townsville and Cairns is generally lower than for capital cities. On-campus accommodation is available in Townsville, however, many students choose to live off-campus and share accommodation. Below is a table of estimated costs for food, rent, travel and extras during your stay in Australia. All costs are in Australian Dollars (AUD), are approximate, and subject to change.

You should factor in additional costs such as the cost of text books. Costs vary depending on the subject studied.

Accommodation typeExpenseAverage weekly cost (A$)
On-campus Full-board $296-$435
Self-catering $218-$238
Off-campus Rent (share only)** $120-$150  
Electricity* $10-$30  
Internet***, Mobile $20-$55  
Transport/Travel $10-$50    

**Based on a privately rented share house.

***JCU has free wireless Internet available to students on campus. You should buy a SIM card or Australian mobile number when you arrive in Australia because using your home phone number will cost a lot.

Accommodation options and costs can vary depending on the size of the accommodation and where it is.

Financial aid

Although JCU does not offer financial assistance or scholarships to Study Abroad students, students from certain countries may be eligible to use their home government funding in Australia. For example, students from the United States may be able to use their Federal Aid for Study Abroad at JCU. Federal Aid applications for study abroad programs must be assessed and processed by the home school, not by JCU.

Students from other countries should also enquire directly with their home school/study abroad agent/representative to find out if they are eligible to take their government-funded financial aid abroad.