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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the freedom to choose what and when you’d like to study at JCU.

We welcome hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students each year from universities across our Study Abroad network and the world. You’ll pay tuition fees directly to JCU while you’re here and receive the same excellent services and study opportunities available to all JCU students.

Student story

Shiori Kanayama.

Shiori’s study experience at JCU

Hear from Shiori about the benefits of taking part in the Study Abroad program and what she enjoyed about living in North Queensland.

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Key information

Whether you choose to attend for semesters or trimesters will depend on what subjects you intend to study during your time at JCU. You should refer to this information on subject selection for guidance when choosing your subjects and study mode.

OSHC is insurance to assist international students in meeting the costs of medical and hospital care that they may need while in Australia. International students in Australia must hold OSHC for the duration of their stay in Australia, as a condition of their student visa.

An estimated OSHC premium is provided to students in their JCU Letter of Offer, along with further details about how to make any adjustments to cover as required, including adding family members to your policy.

Most students are required to pay the OSHC premium upon acceptance of the JCU offer. If you are applying through a partner institution, or have an official sponsorship recognised by JCU, payment will be arranged in accordance with the relevant agreement.

Learn more about OSHC in this overview, including potential exceptions.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for Study Abroad and Exchange students is determined by the length of time you study at JCU. Students studying for 12 months will pay 100% of the maximum permissible amount for the calendar year. Students studying for 6 months will pay 50% of the maximum permissible amount for the calendar year.

Check the current SSAF amounts and SSAF payment procedure for more information.

Before applying, please consider all required expenses, including fees and costs which must be paid upon acceptance of your offer, as well as any additional expenses you may need to pay when you arrive. All upfront payments will be detailed in your Letter of Offer.

Semester Tuition Fees

The standard full-time study load is 4 subjects (12 credit points) per semester.

If you plan to enrol in 3 subjects (9 credit points) only, you must have written approval from your home university.

13-week Semester Study Abroad Program Fee AUD
Undergraduate semester (9 credit points) $9,675
Undergraduate semester (12 credit points) $12,900
Postgraduate semester (9 credit points) $11,055
Postgraduate semester (12 credit points) $14,740

Trimester Tuition Fees

The standard full-time study load is 3 subjects (9 credit points) per trimester.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Business, Commerce, Laws, Tourism, Information Technology, Biomedical Sciences and Psychological Science courses are taught in the Trimester model, and Science (including Environmental and Advanced), Arts, Education and Engineering courses are delivered through a combination of Trimesters and Semesters. See the Trimester FAQ page for the most up-to-date list of courses.

10-week Trimester Study Abroad Program Fee AUD
Undergraduate trimester (9 credit points) $7,350
Undergraduate trimester (12 credit points) $9,800
Postgraduate trimester (9 credit points) $8,850
Postgraduate trimester (12 credit points) $11,800

Accommodation and living costs

North Queensland offers a unique combination of stunning climate, pollution-free environment, multicultural population, and a significantly lower cost of living than other Australian cities. Learn more about Townsville and Cairns.

You can apply to live on campus through the JCU Accommodation Service. Learn more about accommodation options in Townsville and Cairns.

There are also off-campus accommodation options available.

Field trips

JCU students participate in hands-on learning in unique and spectacular locations including the Australia Outback and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed rainforests of the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef. Many JCU subjects include field trips (additional fees apply) to various locations within our unique region.

Financial aid

Although JCU does not offer financial assistance or scholarships to Study Abroad students, students from certain countries may be eligible to use their home government funding in Australia. For example, students from the United States may be able to use their Federal Aid for Study Abroad at JCU. Federal Aid applications for study abroad programs must be assessed and processed by the home school, not by JCU.

Students from other countries should also enquire directly with their home school/study abroad agent/representative to find out if they are eligible to take their government-funded financial aid abroad.

Undergraduate entry requirements
You must have successfully completed 6 months of full-time study at a recognised higher education institution and received a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.9 out of 7.0, or minimum average results of approximately 65-70%.

Gap Year entry requirements
You may be eligible to apply directly after high school and must provide your High School Certificate (or equivalent). These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Postgraduate entry requirements
You must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognised higher education institution.

Postgraduate students applying for the Study Abroad program can study a maximum of one teaching period only.

English language entry requirements
Students whose native language is not English must generally demonstrate their proficiency by achieving a score in an English language test which must be undertaken at an approved testing centre.

View the full overview of entry requirement details.

Semester programs

  • 1 November (year prior) for Study Period 1 (Semester 1)
  • 1 April for Study Period 2 (Semester 2)

Trimester programs

  • 1 October (year prior) for Trimester 1
  • 1 February for Trimester 2
  • 1 June for Trimester 3

For full semester and trimester academic calendars, please visit JCU Important Dates.

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Once you're ready to apply, you'll begin by checking your eligibility and then preparing your supporting documents. Use our step-by-step guide on how to apply for a smooth application process.

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If you need any help with applying or want advice on tailoring your study abroad experience, you can reach out to the Global Experience team for guidance.

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