JCU Global Experience Study overseas while at JCU

Study overseas while at JCU

An international learning experience is an amazing opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and resilience to succeed in a multicultural community and global workforce.

Develop important cross-cultural connections and new perspectives that you'll take into your life beyond JCU.

Studying overseas supports you to:

  • Develop your language skills
  • Explore new perspectives and outlooks
  • Pursue special academic interests in a fresh context
  • Appreciate the shared goals that connect us globally
  • Gain a new international perspective on your career path
  • Explore the history, society and culture of your host country.

Experiencing life in other countries is a great way to better understand people and different cultures. In turn, this allows for a deeper understanding of our own culture as we interact with and learn from others.

Choose the study program to suit your needs. One that can help expand your world view, experience new cultures and improve your employability without putting your degree on hold.

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Student story

Mikala Wright

JCU: Outbound Exchange

JCU Bachelor of Advanced Science (Physics) student, Mikala Wright, discusses her exchange semester at Northern Arizona University, USA.

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