Inbound student experiences

Find out what previous Inbound students have to stay about their time at JCU.

"Brand new cultural knowledge and perspectives..."

Carissa Bell on Magnetic Island.

Carissa Bell, Study Abroad student majoring in Marine Biology and Conservation

"My favourite thing about JCU so far has been the relationships I’ve built—both with Australian citizens, and other international students from all over the world. Not only have I had an amazing time stepping out of my comfort zone and creating an entirely new group of life-long friends, but I feel like this experience has provided me with brand new cultural knowledge and perspectives I may not have gained otherwise.

I would absolutely recommend a semester abroad at JCU to other students. In addition to having a great time exploring the area and meeting new people, I really do feel that this journey has provided me with invaluable personal, professional, and educational experience. In my time at JCU, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to gain hands-on experience, as well as network with and learn from prominent and experienced people in the fields of biology and conservation."

"I had to choose JCU..."

Valencia and two other students on a field trip.

Amelia Valencia, Exchange student majoring in Marine Sciences

"Not only is there a diverse range of classes offered but paired with JCU having amazing laboratories and facilities to further my studies, I had to choose JCU. The practicals for the classes I have taken have been my favourite part of attending this university. I previously loved lab work but being able to learn in such an interactive way and with unique specimens and equipment, only made practicals more enjoyable.

Studying abroad can be nerve-wracking, but coming to a city like Townsville, I felt welcomed into the tight-knit community. JCU students and staff are all so kind and allow settling in to be very easy. Other than the amazing community, Townsville's location in North Queensland allowed for me to experience beautiful beaches, hikes, and waterfalls, all a car ride away from campus."

"I plan on returning..."

Courtney Bratt on Townsville walking track.

Courtney Bratt, Study Abroad student majoring in Marine Biology

"One of the best things about studying at JCU for me is the opportunity to meet other students from all around Australia and the world. I have met so many friends and made connections with people from all over the globe. The diversity of places that JCU students are from really helps broaden the educational experience I've had here, since everyone has something unique to contribute.

The experience I have gained studying at JCU has helped me better decide the field of marine science I would like to go into, as well as make connections in my field. After attending JCU for my study abroad, I plan on returning to do my master's degree here!"