Outbound student experiences

Exchange Experiences

Dean Reading discovered what's unique about the USA

Dean's time at Oregon State University involved meeting new people, enjoying "college pride", and exploring a new environment and lifestyle.

New Colombo Mobility Experiences

A group of JCU students in front of a sign reading "Danum Valley Field Centre"

World-renowned biodiversity hotspot

New Colombo Mobility trip to Danum Valley, Borneo.

Fully immersive educational and cultural experience for 25 JCU students for 14 days, in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Students also participated in language and cultural classes.

Three JCU students conducting scientific measures in the ocean

Environmental challenges in a tourist mecca

New Colombo Mobility trip to Phuket, Thailand.

Over 14 days, 29 JCU College of Science and Engineering students explored the tropical marine ecology of Phuket, building scientific and cultural skills as they developed a more holistic understanding of the impacts of climate change, fisheries, tourism and development.

A group of JCU Nursing students with locals, all wearing high visibility clothing

Culture and care

New Colombo Mobility trip to Hue, Vietnam.

Culturally immersive nursing placements at local hospitals in Vietnam. 20 JCU nursing students assisted at local health facilities as they explored Vietnamese language, culture, food, art, history and much more.

A group of JCU students and staff in traditional Indonesian clothing standing in front of a waterfall

Art, music and a water healing ritual

New Colombo Mobility trip to Ubud Village, Indonesia.

Over 14 days, JCU Anthropology students built on their ethnographic skills as they created community connections with local families and bonded through a unique Balinese-style team building exercise.