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Study Abroad and Exchange FAQs

JCU terminology explained

Some of the terminology used at James Cook University may be different to what you're used to at your home university, so we have put together the below table to help explain some common JCU terminology.

JCU terminology



The name of the classes you will take.
For example, BZ3740: Wildlife Ecology and Management.

You may refer to these as ‘courses’ in your home institution.

Use the JCU Subject Search Tool to find subjects.


The name of your study area and degree. For example, Bachelor of Science.

More information is available at JCU Courses

Study Period

A semester.

Study Period 1 (SP1) runs from February-June.
Study Period 2 (SP2) runs from July-November.

More information is available at JCU Academic Calendars

Teaching Period

The timeframe that encompasses a whole study period as well as the intensive block subjects that take place before and after.
Teaching Period 1 is all subjects from January-June.
Teaching Period 2 is all subjects from July-December.


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