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Venom or silk? Funnel-web behaviour laid bare

Global variation in the fate of coral reefs

Fishy project set to turn up the heat

Early Alzheimer’s detection a step closer

Indigenous leader elected as JCU’s next Chancellor

2624 new places at JCU, and more to come

Travel industry faces post-pandemic choices

Most coral reef sharks and rays may be at risk of extinction

Building standards in cyclone areas need upgrading

Manufacturing to take off with Area 61

Professor honoured with Australia Day role

New tech opens doors for cancer detection

Breakthrough testing standard developed for COVID-19 RATs

Soldiers ‘use the force’ to stay fighting fit


New study to help bush kids

New study reveals critically low numbers of north Queensland quolls

Study adds more brains to the brawn

Citizen scientists tend oyster gardens

World Radio Day celebrates unstoppable radio

Veterans’ exhibition arrives at JCU

Hi-tech is making the seas transparent

New way to check if turtles are ‘fat and happy’

Scientists solving micro jellyfish mystery

When will invasive species be considered native?

Social work students lend a hand to GPs


Cairns Medicine degree begins

Spectacular new species discovered on remote Queensland island

From jellyfish and corals to a molecular thermometer

Foundation delivers double for JCU students

Treating older workers better

Touch footy star’s scholarship first

Heatwave risk needs quick response

Revheads without hats

Mindfulness can help diabetes sufferers

Planning a future at the edge of Australia

Robed and ready: 221 new Cairns graduates

Curious rats solve puzzles

Farmers in cyberspace


Oral cancer warning

Link between alcohol consumption and partner violence in PNG

Putting flight patterns under the microscope

Massive study pinpoints Covid prevention strategies for kids

Reef fishes are changing

Scientists track one of the world’s most invasive ants in waterways

Higher density housing needed - but regions have to be careful

Students soar with airport scholarship

JCU program delivers its first Invictus Games competitor

Suicide link to climate change unfounded


Tackling the psychology of poaching

Climate change hits birds’ birth rates

Mackay JCU campuses gifted Indigenous name

Building healthier, stronger Torres Strait communities from within

City cane toads evolving

‘Nemo’s’ remarkable gene switch to a life on the reef

Economics and optics influence environmental program

JCU to develop a better breeding barra

Abuse and neglect put kids on fast track to crime

Small, fast-growing reef fishes evolved in a warming ocean

Ambos feel the heat

Funnel-web spider venom varies

Stroke recovery research: help needed

History made as JCU honours first Indigenous Chancellor

Panel to shed light on Voice to Parliament