Policy Academic Governance Appendix 1 - Specified Courses

Appendix 1 - Specified Courses

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Coursework Enrolment Policy

Appendix I – Specified Courses v20-1

The following courses have been identified for the purpose of Leave of Absence management in the Coursework Enrolment Procedure suite:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery;
  2. Bachelor of Veterinary Science;
  3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy;
  4. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  5. Bachelor of Health Science (Physician Assistant);
  6. Bachelor of Nursing Science - Bachelor of Midwifery;
  7. Bachelor of Dental Surgery;
  8. Master of Psychology (Clinical);
  9. Graduate Certificate of Research Methods [Tropical Environments and Societies]; and
  10. Graduate Certificate of Research Methods [Tropical Health and Medicine].